Aside from the delectable smell and taste of food, what makes it more tempting is too see it in beautifully captured photos

Aside from the delectable smell and taste of food, what makes it more tempting is too see it in beautifully captured photos. Nowadays, many people claim that they are into food photography simply because they are fond of photographing every food they eat and see. No wonder high-end point and shoot camera and DSLR cameras are in demand today. However, there’s no reason for you to be green with envy to those people who own expensive cameras to perform these craft. For all you know, some great photos you see on magazines and other food photography sites were captured just by using mobile phones with cameras. Yes, just like your most loved iPhone!

Today, many food photography enthusiasts find iPhone as the perfect substitute to their huge and heavy DSLR when they are capturing food images. Why? Well here are some benefits they get in using iPhone for food photography:

1. Great camera resolution- with its 960×640 pixel resolution known as “Retina Display” you can capture high quality photos. Provided you have the skills and knowledge of getting the right angle for your subject, you could come up with photos just like those taken from a DSLR or P&S cameras.

2. Handy- most food photography buff comes up with their impromptu shots. The moment they see interesting food subjects, first thing that would come up to their minds is to get a shot of it. Bulky DSLR may not always be with them as well as their digital cameras but iPhone for sure will always be inside their bags or pocket. It’s the easiest gadget to bring not to mention its multiple purposes it serves to every individual nowadays.

3. Easy to share- prior to number two, since iPhone comes in handy and is perfect for untimely food photography session, sharing photos is also just a snap away. As we all know, iPhones are Internet-capable and with different social media, you can easily snap, edit and post it away for the rest of the world to see. The famous Instagram and Path are just few social media platforms that you could use if you want to add some creative touch on your images. If you are not satisfied with their editing tools, you can look for free iPhone apps dedicated to manipulate and enhance your captured photos. This is just one of the privileges you can enjoy when you use iPhone for your food photography.

Give your best foot forward as you make your own name in food photography. Involving yourself into this kind of hobby or career doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you have the will to learn new skills and techniques to have awesome food photo

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